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Finding your way and becoming independent

Whether you’re finishing off tertiary studies or have just entered the workplace, you are becoming more independent. This is an exciting time, as you forge your own way and make big decisions about the direction your life is going in! Once you figure out and follow your passion, success tends to take care of itself, so don’t lose too much sleep over whether every step or job is exactly what you want – learn from everything and always grow. If you do, there is no such thing as a bad experience or wasted time.

You will also start purchasing your own sanitary protection and deciding on what works for and suits you best. Whatever you prefer, the diversity and formats in the Lil-lets range have the right option – and just like in life, changing your mind and trying something else is just fine!

Knowing your choices

Lil-lets pads all come with wings for added security, Whisper Wrappers for unwrapping quietly and discreetly, and side channels to prevent leakage. If you’re more comfortable with a thicker pad, there’s our Maxi thick range – if you prefer a thinner one, the full range of absorbencies is also available in our Ultra thin pads. Either way, Lil-lets pads will keep you protected for up to 8 hours.

While other tampons mostly expand lengthways, Lil-lets tampons gently expand with SmartFit technology in order to fit your natural shape and offer you reliable protection. Our applicator tampons have either a cardboard or plastic (Compact) applicator to aid insertion, while non-applicator tampons are inserted with the finger. Both formats offer a range of absorbencies from Mini to Super Plus, as well as a Multi-pack so that you can adjust absorbency as your flow changes throughout your period – and if you need some extra help with insertion, try Lil-lets Easy Glide Gel.

Staying healthy, happy and confident

At this stage, it is also likely that relationships will become more serious and long-term. While we know that you always practice safe sex by using condoms and getting tested for STIs with your partner, there are a few points about general vaginal health that many women of all ages are still not aware of.

One of the most important is to never use soap to wash your vagina as it destroys the pH balance and could lead to yeast infections. You’re far better off rinsing with warm water or using a specially designed wash like our Intimate Care gel or crème, which are hypoallergenic, paraben free and maintain the natural pH of your vagina. You also need to start getting an annual pelvic exam, which checks for any abnormalities in the uterus, colon and ovaries and could offer early detection for cancerous cells. Go to to order your most discreet, safe and convenient home test today

For added freshness, you can try our Intimate Care Wipes with chamomile or aloe and our Intimate Care Powder. If you suffer from cramps, try our Soothing Tummy Rub with arnica and lavender to gently soothe pain away.

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Designed by women for women

At Lil-lets we understand that everybody has different needs when it comes to ‘that time of the month’.
That’s why we are constantly introducing new products to our range.

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