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Nervous about growing up?

You may not feel particularly normal, but trust us, you are – and by ‘normal’, we mean in the good, everything-is-working-the-way-it-should way, not in the boring you’re-just-like-everybody-else way. You’re not like anyone else, you’re an individual, and you develop like one… at your own natural pace!

If you’re in your teens then you’ve probably started your period - or will, soon. While this is a big deal, you are far from alone in the experience, and should see this as an important sign that your body is healthy and growing up.

What type of protection should I use?

While some girls will start off and prefer to stick with pads, some will move on to using tampons and others may start using tampons straight away. There is no right or wrong, only what you’re more comfortable with.

Sanitary pads stick to the inside of your panties and absorb menstrual blood – how often you need to change your pad will depend on you, but at least every 4 to 5 hours. Most pads come with wings, which help to keep the pad from moving around. Tampons absorb blood inside you, so if you love to swim or play sport, you can carry on as you normally do without any need to worry.

What’s my product? Purple and beyond…

Our purple range is created with you in mind! These products were specifically designed for the petite bodies and lighter flow of teenagers and young girls. Look for the purple pack in pads, tampons and pantyliners.

Lil-lets Mini pads are a petite length and available in both Maxi thick and Ultra thin, with our powerful moisture-absorbing gel core and comfortable cotton soft cover. Our range also covers absorbencies from Regular to Super Plus, and our Essentials range offers the same comfort and confidence at a more affordable price. Mini and Nano tampons are smaller for easier insertion and to fit you better, and are ideal for light flow.

Some solutions for common worries

A lot of girls worry about using a tampon for the first time because they think it could get lost inside them. In reality, the opening to the cervix is smaller than the head of a matchstick, so it is impossible for a tampon to get through. Another fear is that you can lose your virginity to a tampon, which is totally untrue. You can break your hymen doing gymnastics, riding horses or during other activities, but you will only lose your virginity when you have sex for the first time.

When you first start your period, it often doesn’t stick to a specific schedule or come when you expect it to. In fact, it might never become completely regular! If you’re worried about having an accident at school or in public, Lil-lets pantyliners can give you that extra feeling of safety. They are available in different types and lengths, and can be worn every day.

One easy way to help you figure out which product you like and are best for you is to write to us for your FREE Teen Kit! You’ll get a range of products to try out at home in your own time. Please remember that you need to send us copies of your ID book to claim your kit.

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Designed by women for women

At Lil-lets we understand that everybody has different needs when it comes to ‘that time of the month’.
That’s why we are constantly introducing new products to our range.

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