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Reclaim a space that’s all your own

At this stage of your life, the kids may have all but grown up and flown the nest – and while you will miss them and worry about paying for their studies, this is also an opportunity to put yourself first for a change. Seek out new forms of social support, reconnect with old friends, and take walks or hikes in nature.

Managing your changing body

Women of menopausal age experience physical changes as their hormone levels change and their body prepares to end menstruation. Some possible effects could be weight gain, hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, memory problems, headaches and mood disturbances. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will help to temper the severity of symptoms.

Relief for common symptoms

Common problems also include an increase in menstrual flow and vaginal dryness (caused by decreased oestrogen production). To help you deal with the increase in flow, Lil-lets has the yellow Super Plus absorbency in both tampons and pads for very heavy flow.

Combat dryness with our Easy Glide Gel from the Intimate Care range - it’s fragrance, alcohol and paraben free as well as hypoallergenic. The range also includes crème and gel washes, a powder, a soothing rub, and handy wipes, all aimed at keeping you feeling fresh and confident no matter what’s going on with your body.

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Designed by women for women

At Lil-lets we understand that everybody has different needs when it comes to ‘that time of the month’.
That’s why we are constantly introducing new products to our range.

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