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When puberty starts, there are so many hormones and body changes and uncertainties to deal with, that this can be a very trying time for young girls and their parents. Don’t despair – this phase will pass; just remember to take deep breaths and count to ten.


Talking to your daughter about what to expect can make life easier for everybody and alleviate any concerns she may have. For most girls puberty starts around 11 – 12 and for a small number as early as 8, or even in their late teens. Their breasts will start to develop and they will notice hair under their arms and between their legs. It’s important for you and your daughter to know that every woman is different and she will start her periods and puberty when her body is ready. Many girls worry about the changes they are going through and wonder if they are normal, especially if they are the first or last one in their circle of friends to start. They may be shy to talk about this, so you may want to take the initiative.

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  • Discharge in her underwear (this usually appears around 6 – 12 months before her first period)
  • Breasts start to develop
  • A growth spurt – she may get taller and hips get wider
  • Pubic and underarm hair is noticed
  • Mood swings (very hard to miss)
  • Spots to the face and upper back
  • Stomach cramps


How to chat

First time

For most girls, getting their first period is a big deal. (Sometimes for their parents as well.) We’ve all been through it; some girls are very excited for this new stage in their life, for others it’s a time of apprehension. Talk to your daughter about the changes she may be noticing to her body and stress the fact that it’s completely normal. It’s important that she knows what to expect. The Lil-lets mini range, which is purple in colour, has been specially made to fit younger teen bodies. We recommend your daughter uses pads for her first few periods as she adjusts to the changes in her body.

Designed by women for women

At Lil-lets we understand that everybody has different needs when it comes to ‘that time of the month’.
That’s why we are constantly introducing new products to our range.

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